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Built on a legacy of multi-generational success and strength, Bronfman E.L. Rothschild is a trusted source of perspective and insight. Our deep expertise and uncommon commitment help clients navigate their path to financial confidence and peace of mind.

For generations the Bronfman and E.L. Rothschild families have earned a reputation for success, integrity and character. Their unwavering commitment to long-term value and growth has proven effective over the years, and will continue to define our approach to working with clients. As we leverage deep expertise and an uncommon commitment to help our clients define and navigate their financial path, we are honored to do so under a name that is synonymous with multi-generational success.


A path to peace of mind

Successfully navigating a path to financial peace of mind can be a daunting challenge. Without the right perspective – and the right partner – deciphering where and when to turn is nearly impossible. In an industry too often defined by complexity and confusion, the proven experts at Bronfman E.L. Rothschild provide clarity and confidence. Built on a legacy of multi-generational success and strength, our perspective will transform an intimidating maze of research, risk, and regulations to a clear path to peace of mind.

Earning our clients’ trust

Our clients are not high-risk investors chasing recent trends. They are thoughtful, hardworking individuals seeking long-term, strategic guidance. They come to us for a full range of wealth management and investment consulting services, knowing that our independent platform and objective advice delivers the best solutions. They come to us for skilled guidance regarding qualified retirement plans and complex retirement plan issues, knowing we will provide expertise they cannot obtain on their own.


Our clients stay with us because we deliver solid solutions and superior service. They know they can count on timely responsiveness and superior accuracy. They know we will monitor their needs and proactively communicate with them in all market conditions. Our clients stay with us because they trust us and they know we will never take their trust for granted.