Involved in the Communities We Serve

Involved in the Communities We Serve

In our business we leverage perspective and insight to help clients successfully navigate their path to financial security and peace of mind. Outside the office we use this same approach in our communities to help a wide variety of charitable organizations fund their goals and offer peace of mind to the individuals they assist.

Spotlight on Community Involvement
“Donate to Charity and Wear Jeans to Work Fridays”

One of the more innovative charitable programs we are involved in originated in our Madison, Wisconsin office and is led by client support coordinator Alissa Purko. Every other week, individuals can “earn” the right to wear jeans on Friday if they make a minimum donation to a designated charity. Team members take turns selecting a charitable organization then generously support the chosen organization.

The incentive to participate in a jeans-casual-Friday combined with the pull of each organization’s charitable mission is powerful. “I find it compelling to hear team members present their charitable organizations, the good work they do, their connections to the organizations, and the people who will benefit from our donations”, says Jennifer Miland, Program Originator. “We’ve supported a wide variety of organizations, some very small and close to the heart, others larger but with a tie to someone in our office.”

Some charitable organizations supported by “Donate to Charity and Wear Jeans to Work Fridays”:

Bronfman E. L. Rothschild works hard to earn our clients’ trust, help them succeed and be open and transparent in our practices. We take these same values into our communities hoping to make a difference and positively impact those in need.