Wealth Management

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Wealth Management

At Bronfman E.L. Rothschild, we employ a long-term, strategic approach to planning and execution. The advice we offer our clients is independent and objective. Thus, the counsel we provide is based solely on what is best for our clients.

Each individual, family, and institution has unique aspirations and definitions of financial security. Because of that, we customize each financial plan, taking specific needs into consideration. We utilize risk management, cash flow, and retirement planning to efficiently and effectively manage investments. This comprehensive process allows us to establish a tailored program that includes appropriate asset allocation models, while accommodating each individual’s risk tolerance. The result is a clear picture of what financial peace of mind means to you, and a detailed strategy to achieve it.

Our comprehensive and highly integrated approach to managing wealth includes financial planning and investment management. We respect existing professional relationships that are integral to your wealth management plan, and work closely with those other experts to ensure efficiency and integration on your behalf.

Over the last decade, the assets we manage on behalf of our clients have grown significantly to more than $3.8 billion. These clients choose to stay with Bronfman E.L. Rothschild because of our objective, customized, and integrated approach. They know we are passionate about delivering strong value and exceptional client service. We earn their trust by consistently delivering the expertise and insight they need.