Comprehensive Services for Business Owner in Transition

The Situation

An owner of a technology company delivering innovative solutions for over 15 years wants to sell part of his business. The client was going to need help determining how to best handle the proceeds immediately after the sale. He needs advice deciding on what would be the most advantageous investments for his short- and long-term goals.

Our Process

The tax advisor recognized the need to bring in a specialized wealth advisor, so he introduced the client to Bronfman Rothschild.

Then, the owner met with both the tax and investment advisors. Rather than talk about any specific investments during the initial meeting, their conversation explored the client’s specific circumstances, key wealth management issues, and potential strategies. The advisors emphasized their ability to work together to ensure all the client’s financial needs are met. They demonstrated a strong focus on the client’s unique situation and goals.

The Results

The client appreciated the cooperative service approach and saw the value added by having his tax and investment advisors work together on his overall financial needs.

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