Institutional Investors

The majority of our institutional investors are non-profit foundations and endowments who seek investment management for all or a portion of their assets. The charitable missions and long-range objectives these institutions establish require not only stable funding but professionals committed to educating the internal steering and investment committees that advise these funds.

Advisors who work with Institutional Clients

2017 1st Quarter Commentary

Spring is my favorite time of year here in Washington, DC. The weather begins to warm (bringing pleasant memories of spring and summer months long passed), plants and flowers return (especially the cherry blossoms), the grill is awakened from its winter hibernation, baseball begins, and Warren Buffet’s annual letter to Berkshire Hathaway shareholders arrives in the mail.

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Fourth Quarter 2016 Market Update

Happy New Year everyone! Part of our early January ritual is to read a number of market and economic projections for the upcoming year. And although they are interesting and (generally) thoughtful, to be frank, the articles are basically all the same. For 2017, the common themes are inflation and higher interest rates, lower taxes in the US, global growth (albeit minimal), a renewed interest in fiscal as compared to monetary policy, and political (or of late, tweet) risk.

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