Our Advisors are supported by an internal investment committee and dedicated internal research staff. We seek to provide steady investment guidance to clients through strategic asset allocation, rigorous due diligence, and tailored portfolio construction.

Asset Allocation – Our process begins with the understanding that we are not all knowing, and that we cannot precisely model the entirety of the investment universe. Therefore, we utilize a flexible framework that blends the qualitative (our views) and the quantitative (modeling) and aims to achieve consistent returns while minimizing downside volatility.

Due Diligence – We employ a rigorous vetting process to select appropriate investments, aiming to continually uncover high quality choices across asset classes. Our process differs from many in that we do not start our search by screening on performance, but rather the qualitative aspects (a manager’s approach, processes, firm resources and objectives). Performance history is reviewed in the context of this approach, with the aim to avoid buying into luck where possible. Our investment committee, along with third party resources, communicates frequently with managers, implementing ongoing review to ensure each manager is in compliance with their stated approach and that no material changes have otherwise taken place that would affect ongoing portfolio management.

Portfolio Construction – While asset allocation focuses on broader components of the investment universe and due diligence provides the tools for implementation, portfolio construction is ultimately specific to each individual client, and is thus driven by individual advisors. After reviewing a myriad of client-specific variables, our advisors ultimately bridge the gap between broad asset allocation, the client’s current situation, and their goals.

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