Service Overview

Bronfman Rothschild Wealth Advisors offers advisory services for wealthy individuals and families, institutions, and retirement plans. We know our clients are in search of a principled advisor they can trust to know their priorities and preferences, and so we make it our mission to cultivate a true partnership with every client at every turn. This means an independent business model that minimizes conflicts, deep expertise that goes beyond investing, and seamless coordination with other advisors our clients trust, ultimately simplifying the lives of the clients we serve while growing and preserving their wealth. 

Collaborative Expertise – Our advisors are supported by in-house research capabilities and investment committee. Many of our advisors and staff coming from a background in accounting or consulting, while others are career advisors who have created long-standing client relationships. We put this diversity in experience to work and utilize team collaboration to create strategies that work best for each client.

Principled Investing Practices – Regardless of industry trends, we abide by the fiduciary standard of care, always considering the interests of our clients first. Our independence minimizes conflicts of interest and we structure advisor incentives around client retention instead of the sales of proprietary products.

Thoughtful and Comprehensive Planning – We integrate investments into a larger financial picture for clients and incorporate all aspects of their financial lives into planning. Our advisors listen during critical turning points for each client, taking the time to address their needs and preferences in one unified strategy.

Disciplined Pursuit of Goals – As a firm, we take a long-term approach to both investing and planning, avoiding overreaction to market events and keeping our focus on the ultimate end goals of our clients. Our hope is that by providing steady guidance for clients we help them feel that we are a true partner in achieving their objectives.

Our Wealth Advisory Team